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I am an artist based in Singapore. It is an island country in PianoSoutheast Asia. Here the climate is warm and sunny all year round. Drawing and painting is my hobby. I teach piano during the weekends, and spend most of my time creating artwork during weekdays. 

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I like to explore different art techniques and mediums in my work, and love all types of mediums from oil painting to colored pencil drawings. Style-wise I love realism the most. Each artwork is created with much thought — I execute many techniques to bring out the ideas, and many times creating artworks that reflect the actual state/mood of the subject.

Sometimes I draw and paint in my sketchbooks, especially on days that I am not in the mood to create... so this hopefully motivates me to get back on track! You can check out some behind-the-scenes on my Facebook: @hangartstudio33Boy on vehicle

In this online store I only sell the art pieces that are separate (no sketchbooks etc.), convenient for shipping (small stretched canvas or canvas sheet/paper that can be rolled in a mailing tube), and in my opinion are good enough to sell. The others I will mark as NFS (not for sale). For a more complete collection of all my art, you can go to my Instagram: @hangartstudio33 or Facebook: @hangartstudio33.

AirplaneEven though I mail out your orders within 24 hours of purchase, if you live in the United States or regions other than Singapore, please allow around 2 weeks for the airmail to arrive. If there are any problems with the package, feel free to email me at hangartstudio33@gmail.com.