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Children's Art Classes

We are passionate about sharing our love for art and creativity. We encourage children to design, develop, and thrive. We look forward to making your party or event special at your specified location. Contact us for details on scheduling a children's art event. We offer multi-sensory programs, food art, and acrylic painting in the Tampa, FL area and beyond.

We bring the educational, interactive, and fun programs to your school or organization.  

Healthy bodies and minds

Children's Art Classes
Art Classes
Children's Painting Event
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Art Classes

Art Events

Hang Art Studio, Art Events

"Thank you Karina for providing this high quality program for the children in our community."    -Teresita Matos-Post, Executive Director, Beth-El Ministries


"It was a fantastic event and the kids were loving it! They lit up as the event went on and it was incredible to witness." -Leigh McElroy, Prevention Program Manager, Eckerd Connects

"This is my dream, I get to work with food and make art at the same time."

-Elementary Student 

"We really appreciated and enjoyed the art workshop for our children, the parents were so proud of their children's artwork."          -Program and Partnership Manager

 Regarding the program:

"I want to do this everyday!" -Elementary Student

"I am glad I came to school, this was the best day ever!" -Elementary Student

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Create. Smile. Grow.

Kids' Art Class
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Children's Books by Karina Hang:
When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Food Art Instead
Life: Storytelling Through Food Art

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Food Art Instead by Karina Hang

Fun-filled books for children full of colorful art, all made from food. They are both easy readers that will captivate you with their art and positive message. Kids with a little assistance, are also able to follow along and create their own food art masterpiece. Do not be surprised if everyone giggles along. These books bring the kid out in all of us! They are available for purchase on Amazon. Happy reading and have fun making art!

Children's Book by Karina Hang, Hang Art Studio
Children's Book by Karina Hang, Hang Art Studio
Painting Party
Student Work
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